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Let Them Eat... (LOV006)

1. Chompers
2. Oral Fixation Anonymous
3. Controversial Trousers
4. Bitch Test
5. This Jazz Ain't Free
6. Southern Fried Wonton
7. Midget Housing
8. Dead Signal
9. Diet for an Underdog
10. Poison Test Distortion
11. Curse of the Potty Trained Children

It is too bad Monorchid broke up; they were by far one of the last glimpses of hope for Washington, DC, punk rock: snotty, crass and simply ready to kick ass. This LP will have you jumping on your bed or at least demanding a refund. This LP has 11 songs including the timeless classic, "Curse of the Potty Trained Children." Songs with titles like "Bitch Test" and "Midget Housing" divide listeners into the two camps, the confused and bewildered and the enlightened who realize that the Monorchid have been the most effective sonic entity in distilling the zeitgeist of the overhyped, overexposed punk scene into a thirteen-song audio masterpiece. Freely attacking the "anorexic vampires" while pulling down those "controversial trousers," the Monorchid rant and rave like the crazed Nord and his ilk. See why everyone from AP to Punk Planet raged about these guys!

The LP was produced by J. Robbins at Inner Ear studios in November of 1996.

The working title for this record before it was released was Hypodermic Iglesias.

-First Pressing: Aqua Labels.
-Second + Later Pressings: Red Labels.

CD Released on Simple Machines/Dischord

#89 in Alternative Press's greatest albums of the 1990s