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Sleepytime Trio

Plus 6000 (LOV007)

1. Scary Butterflies
2. I'm Not A Spy
3. Your're Dead; Lava
4. Dear Hands
5. Like My Plain
6. 30 Equals

With J. Robbins as the producer at the helm of the Plus 6000 LP, a perfect balance of control and insanity is maintained which enables every detail of the interweaving, intricate guitar lines to be heard while the relentless screaming (and even some singing) rises through. Truly, this is an impeccable band that has made many begin to smash their heads upon hard objects during the momentary bliss of listening to Plus 6000 . By no means will the Sleepytime Trio soothe your brainwaves to enter any level of sleep.

Recorded and mixed by J. Robbins with help by Chris Douglass in J.'s basement and WGNS (DC) in the Spring of 1997.

-First 200 for Europe tour had non-gloss covers.


"Sleepytime Trio's Lovitt debut 12-inch is a tight maze of rhythmic complexity, right angled guitar lines, and vein-popping vocals"
- Alternative Press

"Totally delivering, kind of Shellac/Jesus Lizard heavy on the churning rhythm and distortion but conveys a decent amount of hooks and melody with a punk urgency. Noise with meaning..."
- Hit It or Quit It

"They combine screamy vocals with slithery, butt-shaking beats and a bass that beats you in the chest again and again"
- Slave

"It left me wanting more"
- Dogprint